What is a Divorce Coach &

How Can a Certified Divorce Coach Help You

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· Negative emotions have hijacked your once rational thinking.
· You are crippled by fear and anger.
· You are in the dark when it comes to the legal aspects of divorce and don’t know where to start to get informed or who to call.
· You are inconsolable and so can’t bring yourself to make any decisions.
· Your soon-to-be ex husband handled all of your family's finances and you don’t know where to begin when it comes to budgeting or managing your new money situation.
· What is your new money situation?
· Your self-esteem, morale, and tenacity for life are non existent.
· You want to continue to be a wonderful parent but you can’t even think about the kids right now because you are in the fight of your life with their father.
· You have mentally exhausted your family and friends with all of your divorce drama but need someone to talk to.
· You have never felt so isolated and alone in your life.
· You’re not sure what you can do or want to do for a career after the dust settles.
­­· You don’t want to turn into one of those bitter, angry, jaded divorcees after it’s all over but you can’t imagine a positive mindset or life after this mess is over.

As I have stated throughout my website, divorce is one of life’s HUGE transitions. However, unlike moving away to college, getting married, or having a baby, while those transitions maybe scary too, divorce is seen as negative AND scary. At Compass Divorce Coaching, I get it! You are afraid, afraid of the unknown, will I lose my kids, will I lose my home, will I lose my current standard of living, and finally and most importantly will I lose myself? While I cannot manage the legal side of divorce or give you therapy, I CAN be your thinking partner, your confidant, and walk you though the divorce process and then help you as you transition into your new life post divorce.

Can you go it alone? Sure, I did, but if you want and need someone to walk the path with you, empower you and provide resources and access to others experts that can protect your interest a divorce coach is what you will need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Coaching:

Q: I can barely afford an attorney. Why would I spend money on a divorce coach?

A: Using an attorney to help you manage your emotions is inefficient and can get expensive. You should use their services for what they are trained for, handling the legal part of the divorce process and use a coach to help you understand and manage yourself. Divorce coaches are available to help you set reasonable and rational expectations during the divorce process and to help you discuss your options. A Divorce Coach can help you prepare for your first meeting with your attorney so you are knowledgeable regarding the many aspect of divorce. The bottom line is, you will end up spending less on an attorney if you are prepared. So the question becomes, why wouldn’t you invest in a divorce coach.